No shape memory + Extreme flexibility = Superior canal tracking

HyFlex Controlled Memory NiTi Files have been manufactured utilizing a unique process that controls the material’s memory.


Controlled memory:

Regains shape after heat treatment = Multi-use

  • HyFlex™ CM NiTi files respond to excessive resistance with straightening of the spirals, which avoids binding to the walls and therefore increases fracture resistance.
  • This form adaptation can be reversed quickly by heat treatment (during autoclaving or with a glass bead sterilizer) returning the instruments back to their original shape.
  • Furthermore it will strengthen the files making them a lot more resistant to cyclical fatigue.
  • Also it provides a clear visual opportunity to verify safe continuation of file use.

Up to 300 % more resistance to separation

HyFlex CM NiTi files with Controlled Memory are up to 300% more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to conventional NiTi files which substantially helps reducing the incidence of file separation.