Questions and Answers

Makes pre-bending of the file sense when the file rotates in the canal? Can this lead to zipping?

The pre-bending is used only in severe curves. Common files need to be bent with special tweezers. With HyFlex CM the pre-bending is very easy and helps to avoid zipping. Zipping can mainly be attributed to the high rebound of metal material, which can cause an imbalanced removal of the dentin.

How does the heating influence the cutting efficiency of the files?

Common files show a decrease in fracture resistance following sterilization. HyFlex CM looses also some resistance. However, in contrary to other used instruments HyFlex CM regenerates during heat treatment and fracture resistance. The cutting efficiency depends on racking angle, debris transport, numbers of spirals and material ware. HyFlex CM is very cutting efficient and looses not too much even after multi usage. Similar to the fracture resistance HyFlex CM gains cutting efficiency following autoclaving, when it goes back into its original shape. Due to its high cutting efficiency it is important to irrigate plenteous.

Does the length of HyFlex CM change during treatment when the file is under stress?

No significant change can be measured. The main difference is a change in core diameter.

Can the HyFlex CM file remove material with elongated spirals?

Yes, because the cutting edges remain. The material transport is changed which makes irrigation important.

Which techniques can be used?

All techniques dentists use today can be performed with the HyFlex CM.

Why start with the largest taper and not with the smallest?

The .08/25 files gains access to the root canal and allows better view as well as less curvature in the canal. It helps to reduce stress and is only intended to work in the up- per part of the canal.

What is the sequence of the HyFlex CM files for the Step-Back technique?

Start with the smallest and work your way up:
04/15, 04/20, 04/30, 04/35, 04/40 and so on
Check patency with hand files

How often can the files be re-used?

The HyFlex CM is multiple use as long as it returns to its original shape after auto- claving. If not it should be discarded. The frequency depends on the clinical situation. Compared to conventional NiTi files the HyFlex CM NiTi file allows a visual func- tional control.

What rinsing solutions can be used?

We recommend NaOCl during preparation and ETDA as a final rinse in order to open the dentin tubules. Further 70% alcohol or CHX-solutions can be used.

Are matching gutta-percha points available?

Yes, our ROEKO and HYGENIC Greater Taper points are manufactured for a perfect fit to the HyFlex CM system. In combination with GuttaFlow and RoekoSeal a perfect root canal obturation can be obtained.

What is the sequence of the HyFlex CM files used in Crown-Down technique?

Start with the largest and work down to the smallest. Important to check patency with hand files.
Depending on the clinical situation, the numbers of files can be reduced to 3 files using the crown down technique: .08/25, .06/30, .06/25 or .08/25, .04/30, .04/25