What is HyFlex CM

The new regenerative NiTi file – like a Phoenix from the ashes

The Phoenix symbolized rebirth in ancient Greece because it possessed regenerative powers and was also regarded as a symbol of immortality.

The new HyFlex CM NiTi root canal files also have similar powers. They have properties not found in other root canal files because they are able to behave intelligently. The file responds intelligently to excessive resistance in the root canal by straightening its spirals, avoiding binding to the walls. This results in an excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue.
After straightening its spirals the file is not damaged, as most people may think, because the application of heat, chairside or by autoclaving, restores the file to its original shape, enabling it to be re-used. Also it provides a clear visual opportunity to verify safe continuation of file use.

Use your familiar technique! HyFlex CM files can be used with crown-down, step-back or our recommended single length technique.

The combination of all these properties establishes HyFlex CM as an outstanding, innovative and efficient root canal file system.